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Phacelift specialises in providing advice on good business practice.
Phacelift provides advice on a wide range of practices across the business cycle.

The advice is focused on:

  • Elevating the business to new potential.

    We observe, analyse and report on existing business situations. We discover practical opportunities with true insight seeking to lift businesses towards their full potential;

  • Providing tailored solutions.

    We tailor advice and solutions that provides businesses with upward mobility. ‘Upward’ is a dynamic business mind-set. Like an arrow it is focused and single-minded, aimed at the most significant point on the target;

  • Business integration.

    Technology and economic outcomes are not always in harmony. We provide advice at the interface of technology and business economics to ensure the fullest understanding of available capability, and how that capability may be deployed efficiently and effectively.

  • Business organisation.

    Organising principles are the key elements of a business, where processes and systems provide the backbone, the lifeblood and order that ensures the smooth running of any business. Business organisation advice is unique to each business, and hence addresses business culture. We offer advice to structure this backbone with organising principles so it is oriented for business success.

  • Business practices.

    In its broadest sense, business administration covers the full gambit of activities in the business cycle. Phacelift provides ‘move-ahead’ advice, solutions and / or services to address activities of interest to a company in any part of the business cycle.

  • Advice delivery

    Phacelift delivers its advice at the level of granularity suitable to the assignment. This may include written reports or it may include hands on service delivery, project management or facilitation of change management where tasks are performed for the client to supplement their skills.

Phacelift Consulting Service Pty Ltd
Sydney, Australia