Our Services

Phacelift has provided advice on the following business related activities:

  • Action Plans;
  • Australian electricity market concepts and practices
  • Application of the Australian National Electricity Rules;
  • Audit and review principles and processes;
  • AS/ISO Quality documentation, including the preparation of procedures;
  • Auditing principles for natural resource management;
  • Business planning and strategic planning frameworks and processes, including the development of business strategies and business plans;
  • Business requirements for the functional specification of electricity market related IT systems;
  • Contract tendering, evaluation and procurement;
  • Cost Benefit Analysis;
  • Decision making at the Government’s regulatory tribunal level;
  • Electricity market development and implementation plans;
  • Electricity market organizational structures, processes and procedures;
  • Electricity network safety and maintenance audits;
  • Energy trading and risk management, including load forecasting;
  • Financial settlement framework, rules and business requirements for energy markets;
  • Greenhouse gas emission framework and regulation;
  • Metering regulation and principles for wholesale and retail electricity markets;
  • Strategic review of electricity metering services.
  • NPV modelling and analysis;
  • Licence compliance appraisals and audits for electricity retailers and distribution networks;
  • Process revision for the application of new technologies;
  • Post-implementation review of electricity network engineering design.
  • Program review and evaluation;
  • Strategic Planning process assessment and installation;
  • Training and workshop facilitation.
Phacelift Consulting Service Pty Ltd
Sydney, Australia